A company committed to the sustainable use of renewable resources.

Cartiera dell'Adda was among the first companies to adopt policies supporting research in waste separation and the use of waste paper recycled as a raw material, with the purpose of allowing the sustainable development of a resource which would otherwise pose a risk for the environment.
It also keeps on supporting the spreading of waste separation as a resource by not using even one single tree for paper production. In order to become an international leader in the industrial use of waste paper, the company is constantly committed to consciousness raising actions towards the various Consortia for waste separation, thus contributing to the constant raise in the percentage of waste collection and recycling.
Commitment to the responsible production and use of energy has been a crucial part of the company's policy right from its foundation. This is why today we keep on allocating resources to lower the impact on the environmental.
The use of water has been decreasing over the years, thanks to changes applied to the production cycles.
The constant monitoring and the efficiency of purification plants guarantee the highest level of security, which is of utmost importance, as the company is located in the Adda park.

Attention to the working environment safety contributes to the constant rise of:
  personal development;
  control and final check in production phases.