More than two hundred and fifty years of family tradition

The Cima family has been producing paper for more than 250 years. The first official document dates back to 1757 and to the taking over by Giuseppe Cima of a paper factory belonging to marquis Serponti in Rancio di Lecco. Later, there are records of Giosuč Cima's activity (1815-1888), who founded a new paper factory around 1870 in the Bonacina quarter of Lecco. ?Even then, the production, complying with the industrial standards of that time, consisted of packaging paper and cardboard. An uninterrupted series of enlightened entrepreneurs in the family lead the company through the 19th and 20th century, up to the present Cartiera dell'Adda, which has been in the same site since 1956, thanks to the work of its founder, Pino Cima, and his brothers.

Our philosophy

We have inherited an important family tradition and an outstanding technical plant. Our mission lies in developing technology in a unique way, in order to understand and satisfy the market's needs. Our goal is keeping the company's success constant over time, by investing in innovation, respect for the environment and safety.