Cartiera dell'Adda is constantly in contact with other producers, in order to improve production processes, reduce environmental impact and increase energy saving thanks to a constant monitoring of the whole production cycle.
Every year, technological implementation plans are applied to obtain a better product, improve production rates, save more energy, respect the environment more and reach a higher safety level.
This is carried out through a constant cooperation with the most qualified suppliers of paper technology in the world.
The considerable growth of Cartiera dell'Adda since 1956 has had a positive influence on the economic development of the local area, thanks to the preservation and the creation of hundreds of job positions, both direct and induced, in an area that has experienced periods of de-industrialization and industrial reorganization, even in recent times.

Our company is constantly committed to cooperation with universities, by promoting the academic education and professional training of senior year students and newly graduated young people, to which the company offers stages and educational programmes.